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Integrative Holistic Coaching (IHC) is a holistic methodology and coaching technology. The foundational principles are rooted in the client's innate ability to grow, learn and heal. The IHC curriculum includes personal growth, therapeutic modalities, healing arts, and education. Through the IHC coaching process the client experiences transformation and growth. As suffering ends, more freedom and possibility begins. The client grows their ability to integrate themselves with the world around them and receives results in fulfillment and life purpose.

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Heather Steele

Heather Steele, author of The Realizations, The Life Coach Guidebook and The IHC Workbook is the founder of Integrative Holistic Coaching. Her companies Steele Communications, Inc., Legacy Training International and WindRiders Adventure Camps are based in Denver, Colorado. Her life work is dedicated to training the World’s Best Life Coaches through her Integrative Holistic Coaching curriculums, seminars, retreats, workshops, intensives and coaching sessions. She is inspired by the love of community and possibilities for humanity.


Legacy Training International

Legacy Training International certifies the World's Best Life Coaches, trains Facilitators, and offers continued education and advancement for Life Coaches and Leaders. The Integrative Holistic Coaching (IHC) Certification requires a minimum of 1000 credits of breakthrough training. The Legacy IHC student will study the Legacy Training Workbook and The Realizations, Holistic Tools and Integration Exercises curriculum. Personal and professional growth, coaching, and experiential learning is required.  Legacy Integrative Holistic Coaches adhere to Legacy Training International Code of Ethics.


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