Heather Steele, Founder of Integrative Holistic Coaching, International Trainer, Facilitator and Master Life Coach is best known for her Legacy Training International Visionary Life Coaching curriculums and certifications.

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The Breathe Seminar

Seattle, WA

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Enjoy a day of personal growth and development designed to accelerate your life and ignite your dreams. Participants will receive breakthrough communication tools for clarity, leadership and relationships. 

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Heather Lynne Steele

Founder of Integrative Holistic Coaching, is the CEO of Steele Communications, Inc., Legacy Training International and WindRiders Adventure Camps. She is known as the creator and facilitator of the Integrative Holistic Coaching Method (IHC) for Facilitators, Coaches, Students and Clients. She authored The Life Coach Guidebook, The Just Us Guidebook and The WindRiders Guidebook. Steele's work is delivered through coaching curricula, retreats and IHC certification of the world’s finest life coaches, facilitators, and therapists. Steele's work is inspired by the love of community and driven by the possibilities for humanity.

Integrative Holistic Coaching

This holistic methodology and coaching technology transforms lives. The IHC foundational principles are rooted in the client's innate ability to grow and heal. Heather Steele's 12 Realizations, Holistic Tools and Integration exercises is the IHC curriculum. It includes personal growth, therapeutic modalities, healing arts, and education. Legacy Training International (LTI) offers certifications in the IHC Method through destination immersion retreats, coaching and transformational growth and development. Certified IHC Life Coaches are trained to coach their clients to experience healing breakthroughs, create their dreams and fulfill their life purpose. Legacy Training is offered each year to 12 qualified candidates.

Legacy Training International

LTI offers certifications in Integrative Holistic Coaching (IHC) and Facilitation. The mission is to train the world's best life coaches and facilitators through curriculum, classes, retreats, and certifications. Certification requires a minimum of 1000 hours and four Destination Immersion Retreats. The IHC curriculum includes: The Life Coach Guidebook, The Just Us Guidebook and The Realizations, Holistic Tools & Integration Exercises. Certified Legacy Training International Integrative Holistic Life Coaches are eligible for advanced training and certifications. 

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