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Let's connect and accelerate your life through Integrative Holistic Life Coaching. 

Hi, I'm Heather.

I'm a Visionary, Master Life Coach, Retreat Facilitator and Author who's spent 25+ years helping people create their dreams.


Official Bio: Heather Steele is the Founder of Integrative Holistic Life Coaching (IHC) and the owner of Steele Communications, Legacy Training International, and WindRiders Adventure Camps. Her career includes success as a published journalist and international corporate trainer. As vice president of an award-winning international public relations and advertising firm, she worked with Fortune 500 clients including JP Morgan, Chase, Red Cross Ball, Coca-Cola, Intercoastal Health Foundation, Mira-Lago and Dupont. Steele is the author of The Realizations, The Life Coach Guidebook, The Just Us Guidebook - 12 Laws of Sacred Relationship, and The WindRiders Adventure Camp Guidebook. Her work is inspired by the love of community and driven by the possibilities for humanity; she is committed to contributing her work to the world.

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My Coaching Approach

Integrative Holistic Coaching

Integrative Holistic Coaching (IHC) is a transformational life coaching curriculum and approach to growth, healing, and development. The IHC foundational principles are called The Realizations. The coaching experience includes an individualized program that includes self-discovery and examination in thought, emotional healing, behavioral patterns, and family systems work. The coaching process includes the use of the Realizations, Holistic Tools and Integration Exercises customized to the client’s learning style, skills, and core foundational beliefs.


Individual Coaching

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Couples Coaching

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CEO's & Teams

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Who I Work With... 


Givers who impact others through their service or cause.


Therapists and practitioners who provide healing and wellness.


 Facilitators, speakers and teachers who deliver growth and transformation.


Leaders who create a World Impact.


Legacy Training candidates who will transform lives through Integrative Holistic Life coaching.

Join a Retreat!

A Destination Immersion Retreat to be exact...

You will grow further, faster in retreat.  Destination Immersion retreats are all inclusive and specifically written and facilitated for your growth and development. Heather Steele and her leadership team facilitates retreats for community, women, couples, writer's and kids focussed on wellness and transformation.  


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Legacy Training International

Legacy Training International certifies the World's Best Integrative Holistic Life Coaches, trains Facilitators, and offers continued education and advancement for Life Coaches and Leaders. The Integrative Holistic Coaching (IHC) Certification requires a minimum of 1500 credits of breakthrough training. The Legacy IHC student will study the Legacy Training Workbook and The Realizations, Holistic Tools and Integration Exercises curriculum. Personal and professional growth, coaching, and experiential learning is required.  Legacy Integrative Holistic Coaches adhere to Legacy Training International Code of Ethics.

The Legacy IHC Difference

One of the primary differences between other Life Coaching Certifications and traditional therapy and IHC is the mindset of the Coach. The IHC coach/therapist is not looking for the “problem” to solve with the client. The Coach is learning to identify the “sourcing” behind the perceived problem and destructive patterning. The Coach is using the 12 Realizations, Holistic Tools and Integration Exercises inside of the Client’s beliefs and learning style.

Love your Life, Live your Legacy!

Heather Steele - Founder

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