Tune out the chaos of daily life and tune into your peaceful and powerful message. It's time to get pen to paper and craft a workshop, create a curriculum, write a book or refine a presentation.

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May 24-27, 2024 - FULL

Fall 2024 Dates - TBA

Southern California, USA


All you have to do is get here...the rest is on us!


Your All-Inclusive Retreat includes:

Accommodations, Nourishing Meals, Content Creation Curriculum, Integration Exercises, Individual Coaching, Group Facilitation, Sacred Spaces and Wellness Practices 

DAY 1 

2:00 PM Arrival
Facilitation - Why Write?
My Voice Matters
Sacred Space
Evening Integration Exercises
Journal Exercise #1


Sunrise Movement
Journal Exercise #2
Silence. Personal Time. Breakfast.
Facilitation - What to write?
Workshop, Curriculum, Book? 
Evening Integration Exercises
Journal Exercise #3

DAY 3 

Sunrise Movement
Journal Exercise #4
Silence. Personal Time. Breakfast.
Facilitation - Your Message!
Words create stories. Stories shape lives.
Facilitation - Next Steps
2:00 PM Departure
Post Retreat - Virtual Retreat Review


We are accepting only six writers.

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Tuition for the Writer's Retreat is $3,500.

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Three instructions for Life and Writing about it...

I started writing at five years old. My grandmother gave me my first Holly Hobby diary with a gold lock and key. She also gave me three instructions for writing: keep it sacred, write every day and create your dreams. Writing has been the catalyst, backbone and magic behind every memorable experience in my life. The power of words can change relationships, experiences and choices.  The power of writing words (pen to paper) can change everything. Religious books, laws, love letters, poetry and songs are all examples of how the power of the written word can change the world. 

Hello, I'm Heather!  


 Why I Write

I enjoy sharing my writing exercises, gifts and skills with students and participants in sacred spaces. Retreat is where I am the most creative.  I write because I know that there are words that connect people to their hearts, awaken their blind zones and inspire creativity. Writing creates a foundation that delivers a message that can make a difference.  Join me in this writer's retreat journey to self-love, discovery, and an unapologetic confidence as we spend time  in retreat crafting your Message to the World - in whatever platform (book, curriculum, or workshop) that inspires you.

 Why I Facilitate

As a child, writing gave me a place to retreat. As a journalist, I learned to write better. As the Vice President of an International Public Relations and Advertising firm, I learned to deliver a powerful message and influence an audience. As an International Facilitator and Trainer, I learned to understand the language of the heart. As the Founder of Integrative Holistic Life Coaching, I write curriculums that ignite transformation in personal and professional growth and development. I encourage others to write about their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and inspirations. My commitment is to create and produce written works that serves community.

 Words Define Us

Words create the stories that shape our lives. Words reflect our celebrations and joys. Words express our heartbreaks and experience. When words are consciously written they can heal, move and inspire people. Through words we can declare our Message to the World.