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Integrative Holistic Life Coaching Certifications

Legacy Training International (LTI) offers a certification in Integrative Holistic Coaching (IHC). The 2024 IHC Certification includes a mentorship program with personal and professional coaching in Integrative Holistic Coaching. Tuition is $25,000 and includes a IHC Seminar Immersion Retreat, IHC Virtual Immersion Retreat, IHC Destination Immersion Retreat, IHC Graduation Immersion Retreat and three months of ongoing personal growth and professional development training coached and facilitated by Founder and Master Coach, Heather Steele and Director of Leadership, Elaine Sloan Huie along with Legacy IHC Certified Life Coaches. Tuition discounts and scholarships are available for candidates that complete their enrollment prior to January 1, 2024. Apply now to become an LTI Certified Integrative Holistic Life Coach in 2024! 



Legacy 2024 Student Schedule 

Legacy Training International (LTI) Integrative Holistic Coaching (IHC) Certification includes four Integrative Holistic Coaching Training Retreats. 

LEGACY I - IHC Seminar Immersion Retreat

April 11-14, 2024

This Destination Immersion Retreat in Denver, CO introduces The Realizations, Holistic Tools and Integrative Exercises. Legacy IHC Students are facilitated from breakdowns to breakthroughs as the student’s 3-month journey in Integrative Holistic Coaching begins. Students experience coaching, training, facilitation, wellness planning, personal coaching, and team training in Realizations 1-3. Accommodations are not included. Discounted hotel rooms will be available. Seminar will begin at 9 AM MT on Friday and complete at Noon on Sunday. Weekly virtual coaching will be hosted Tuesday evenings: January 30, February 6, 13, 20.

LEGACY II IHC Destination Immersion Retreat 

May 16-19, 2024

This Immersion Retreat is a virtual journey and continuation of training in the IHC Curriculum including the Realizations, Holistic Tools and Integration Exercises. Students receive individual coaching, partner coaching, team training, professional development, basic coaching tools and clearings in Realizations 1-5. This weekend includes online classes, individual coaching sessions and IHC Integration Exercise training. Weekly virtual coaching will be hosted Tuesday evenings: March 5, 12, 19, April 2.

LEGACY III IHC Destination Immersion Retreat

June 6-9, 2024

This Destination Immersion Retreat is a "Bootcamp to Life Purpose" experience and full of fun! It includes outdoor events, games and adventure. Students are tested on their knowledge of the curriculum and their coaching skills. Students will present their "Message to the World" in an 'on stage' presentation ("Ted Talk") with facilitation and training from experts. Guest facilitators share a variety of modalities such as: ancestral healing, archetypal coaching and meditation. Accommodations are included. A Student Supply list will be provided. Seminar begins at 9 AM MT on Friday and completes at Noon on Sunday. Weekly virtual coaching will be hosted Tuesday evenings: April 16, 23, 30.

LEGACY IV - IHC Graduation Immersion Retreat 

July 18-21, 2024

This Destination Immersion Retreat is about the Joy of Life!  Legacy IHC Students are celebrated as they enjoy the miracles of becoming a Legacy Training International Certified Integrative Holistic Life Coach. This magical and mystical Destination Immersion Retreat is all inclusive and includes the Graduation Ceremony and Rituals. Accommodations are included. A Student Supply list will be provided. The Seminar will begin at 9 AM MT on Friday and complete at Noon on Sunday. 


Legacy 2024 Student Highlights


Legacy Training International Highlights

What Integrative Holistic Coaching Students Receive in 2024

  1. Receive four months of intense progressive training and mentorship with Master Facilitator and Coach, Heather Steele and Director of Leadership and IHC certified Coach, Elaine Sloan Huie with the Legacy IHC Life Coach Team.
  2. Receive a Legacy Training International Integrative Holistic Life Coach Certification that prepares you for developing your own professional practice.
  3. Receive 1000 Integrative Holistic Coaching Certification credits and Integration Immersion Training unmatched by any other Life Coach Certification.
  4. Receive transformational experiences at your Legacy Destination Immersion Retreat through adventure, leadership and connection. Activities such as hiking, high events, yoga, campfires, water sports and art are offered.
  5. Receive the Legacy Training International Life Coach Guidebook for Certified IHC Life Coaches.  
  6. Receive ongoing individual coaching and team training with Founder, Heather Steele and her Legacy certified IHC Life Coach team.
  7. Receive training from experts in branding, public relations, stage speaking, and business coaching.
  8. Receive training for the delivery of your "Message to the World" for your IHC Life coaching practice and key-note speaking.
  9. Receive facilitation in progressive and healing curriculums (optional) such as ancestral healing, world religions, yoga education and archetypal coaching.
  10. Receive ongoing mentorship, training and coaching materials at reduced rates as well as free offerings for Legacy Certified Integrative Holistic Life Coaches after graduation.

Steps to Becoming a Legacy IHC Coach in 2024

Complete your enrollment by October 15, 2023 for a $2,000 discount!

Step 1

Congratulations on your choice to become a Legacy Certified Integrative Holistic Life Coach. Complete your application so we can schedule your interview with a Legacy IHC Master Coach.


Step 2

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Legacy Training International 2024 IHC Certification. Please submit your deposit to hold your spot and access your Legacy IHC Student Portal. 


Step 3

Congratulations on your commitment. Please log into your Legacy IHC Student Portal and complete your release forms, pre-training homework and review your travel arrangements. 


Step 4

Congratulations on finalizing your steps to becoming a Legacy Training International certified Integrative Holistic Life Coach. Tuition paid in full prior to October 15, 2023 receives a $2,000 discount.


Legacy IHC Certification Benefits

  1. Receive discounted rates for coaching, IHC retreats, intensives and seminars with Heather Steele.
  2. Receive annual membership opportunities with Legacy Training International. Become a part of a growing network and support system for Integrative Holistic Coaches worldwide.
  3. Receive advancement opportunities with Legacy Training International in coaching, leadership and facilitation.


Certified Legacy Training International Integrative Holsitic Coaches are now invited to apply for the 2024 Support Team.


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