Integrative Holistic Coaches


Integrative Holistic Coaching (IHC) is a transformational life coaching approach to growth and healing through the IHC coaching method. The IHC foundational principles are rooted in the client's innate ability to grow and heal. The coaching experience for the client includes a customized coaching program that includes a self discovery and examination in thought, emotional healing, behavioral patterns and family systems work.  Through coaching, the client will learn specific tools that result in growing through obstacle thoughts and negative patterns. Certified IHC Life Coaches are trained to coach clients from wounded to healed and breakdown to breakthroughs. Ultimately, IHC clients love their lives and fulfill their life purpose. 


Legacy Training International

Legacy Training International (LTI) provides Integrative Holistic Life Coaching and Facilitator Certifications. IHC Certification requires a minimum of 1000 credits of breakthrough training including Destination Immersion Retreats. The Legacy IHC student will study The Life Coach Guidebook or The Life Coach Facilitator Guidebook and The 12 Realizations, Holistic Tools and Integration Exercises curriculum. Legacy Integrative Holistic Coaches adhere to Legacy Training International Code of Ethics. LTI also offers continued education and advancement in Life Coaching and Leadership skills. 

LTI Integrative Holistic training and certifications includes:

    • Integrative Holistic Coaching, Holistic Tools and Integration Exercises

    • Personal Growth and Professional Development Tools

    • Destination Immersion Retreats
    • Just Us Training - 12 Laws of Sacred Relationship - Curriculum for Partners

    • WindRiders Training - 7 Principles - "Honoring what it is to be a Kid"

    • Enrollment Training
    • Creating Community Training
    • Content Creation

WindRiders Adventure Camps

“Honoring what it is to be a Kid.”


WindRiders Adventure Camps are unforgettable and provide empowering childhood experiences. We believe every child deserves a magical childhood. Our camps are based in The 7 WindRiders principles; All In, Act Now, Kick it Up, Fly High, Peace On and Heart Song. WindRider Campers learn to create what works with others in community, flow with challenges and develop themselves in leadership. We encourage them to fully feel while facing any obstacle with integrity, courage and confidence. We believe that all children have the ability to create their dreams regardless of circumstance.


Meet the Founder

Heather Steele

Master Coach + Facilitator + Visionary

Heather Steele is the Founder of Integrative Holistic Coaching, Legacy Training International and WindRiders Adventure Camps. She launched Steele Coaching & Communications in Denver, Colorado in 2000. Steele has held the title of Vice President for a National Public Relations and Advertising firm and is an internationally published journalist and corporate trainer. She authored The 12 Realizations, The Life Coach Guidebook, The Just Us - 12 Laws of Sacred Relationship Guidebook, and The WindRiders Adventure Camp Guidebook. Heather is inspired by the love of community and driven by the possibilities for humanity. She is committed to contributing her work to the world.


Meet the Director

Elaine Sloan Huie

Master Coach + Team Lead + Trainer 

Elaine is committed to assisting others to align with their core values and dreams. Her light-hearted approach to corporate training gives this serious subject a playful twist. Elaine's kind leadership is what you never knew you needed on your journey to personal growth and professional development. Don't let this fool you though, her integrity is disciplined and her life work is about raising the vibration of the planet, one client or student at a time. Elaine's experience includes over 15 years in higher education and personal growth and development. She serves as a certified Integrative Holistic Life Coach and corporate trainer. In addition, she has served as Chief of Staff to a National personal development company and has a second Life Coach certification. Her graduate work in Higher Education Leadership, prepares her to support you in your greatest possibilities. You will want her in your corner!


Meet the Graduates

Legacy Training International

Certified Integrative Holistic Coaches

Legacy Training International has trained and certified over 100+ IHC Life Coaches and Facilitators in Heather Steele's Integrative Holistic Coaching Curriculum.  A certified Legacy Integrative Holistic Life Coach has completed over 1500 hours of personal and professional growth and development education. Through this progressive and transformative curriculum, seminars and destination immersion retreats Legacy Coaches are prepared to help their clients fulfill their Life Purpose.