Legacy Training International Certified Integrative Holistic Life Coaches

Legacy Certified Integrative Holistic Life Coaches

Legacy certified IHC Life Coaches are diverse in gifts, talents and skills and, they all have two thing in common - they are exceptionally trained and committed to their clients.  Each IHC Life Coach has a unique background, education, and experience to offer their clients.  We only accept 12 Legacy Training International candidates a year for our IHC certification. Therefore making the IHC Life Coaches unmatched in the industry. If you are interested in interviewing to become a Legacy Training International certified Integrative Holistic Life Coach, we invite you to apply on the Integrative Holistic Coaching Certification page.

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Class of 2021

Dom, Andrew, Maggie, Anna, Anthony, Lindsay, Brian, Cynthia, Nicole, Elaine 

Class of 2020

Anthony, Jessica, Evelina, Katrina, Bri, Maggie, Dom


Class of 2019

MaryBeth, Cheri, Gina, Katie, Gia, Sean, Anna, Amy, Oliver, Russ, Cynthia


Class of 2018

Tanya, Shawn, Robin, Rebeccah, Heather (Facilitator), Karen, Christine, Angela

Class of 2017

Candice, Laura, Gail, Hayley, Nancy, Heather, Nicole

Class of 2016

Kristin, Erin, Michelle, Andrew, Tammy, Heather, Claire, Carole, Monica, Kim


Class of 2015

Carrie, Brooke, Nicole, Teddy, Rebecca, Dawn, Cheri, Sandra, Dana, Christie, Paul, Rob, Robert, Bryan


Class of 2014

Ali, Heather (Facilitator), Danica, Carrie, Brooke, Mark, Elaine, BonnieDaye, Robert, Christopher, Sidna, Teddy


Class of 2013

Lisa, Nicole, Don, Amy, Lily, Dana


Class of 2012

 Jason, Marc, Jen, Rebeccah, Gina, Christie

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