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Dear Client, 

Hello, I am Heather Steele and I am the Founder of Integrative Holistic Coaching and will serve as your Life Coach through your growth and healing journey. I have spent the past 25 years coaching, training and facilitating and writing curriculums that serve my clients .  In our work together, I will coach you to healm grow and transform your life. I will ask you to learn new communication tools, clearing processes and integration exercises.  
I appreciate your commitment to making your life better, we all have an impact that matters. I am committed to being my best as your Life Coach and look forward to working together. Be ready to amplify the important areas of your life. Let's get started. 

Step 1: Register Here: www.heathersteele.com/register

Step 2: Invest in Coaching: 90-minute Discovery session

Step 3: Schedule: email, Heather Steele at [email protected], to schedule your Discovery Session and your coaching package.

Your Integrative Holistic Coaching Sessions include Integration Exercises (client homework) and are designed specifically for your success. All clients of Heather Steele are invited to connect to community by attending upcoming programs, seminars, retreats, and intensives. Find out more at: www.heathersteele.com/events.

Thank you for your commitment to growth and development!

Love your Life, Live your Legacy!

Heather Steele


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